solar mastAratect Systems engineers and manufactures transportable modular platforms for communications and specialised field services. Our user-configurable platforms replace the need for custom built systems every time you face specific or unique project requirements.

Our niche is the field of user-customisable systems for telecommunications, emergency responders, law enforcement and large-scale industrial operations like mining. Our core efficiency is to work with our customers to provide the underlying platform and fixture framework that will suit their foreseeable project so that the end-users have sufficient options to complete the build using their own field of expertise. However, for government roll-outs in particular, we can coordinate the installation of customer-supplied equipment by using our relationships with third party specialist organisations. Using a consultative dialogue we work with you to ensure the end result is a deliverable turn-key solution.

Our platforms appeal to tech-savvy specialists who have the philosophy ‘build-your-own-system’ based on a modular platform.

For more information download the  Aratect Platform Datasheet