• urban

    Portable Modular Platforms

  • outback

    Built to Perform, Urban to Outback

Multi-configurable platform system

  • Rapidly configure to suit project timelines
  • Re-configure for subsequent projects
  • Replaces need for multiple deployment systems
  • Engineered for enduring performance

Economical Lifetime Cost

  • Savings by cutting on-going capex
  • Durable, corrosion resistant, recyclable
  • Low risk with uncertainty of changing projects


  • Communications – LTE & WiMax Networks (4G),
    Microwave Links, Satellite, Radio Voice & Data
  • Monitoring – Environmental, Telemetry, Security
  • Optics – Camera, Surveillance, Guidance Systems

Design and Engineering

  • Modular, scalable, practical, affordable
  • Built to perform in harsh, varying conditions
  • Adaptable Off-The-Shelf (MOTS+) system

aratect-images-combinedFor more information download the Aratect Platform Datasheet